‘Wizards Unite’: the game of Harry Potter in true Pokémon style

‘Wizards Unite’ is one of the most anticipated mobile games of the year. When ‘Pokémon Go’ came out, more than one thought that a similar videogame but with a theme based on the magical world of Harry Potter would succeed. And finally, here we have it. Will it meet expectations?

Three years ago , Pokémon fans of all ages had a return to childhood with the appearance of ‘Pokémon Go’ , the game for smartphones that allowed you to hunt Pokémon in your neighborhood, on the beach or in the forest. When the ‘Pokémon Go’ boom broke out, it became normal for people on the street to look at the phone without lifting their heads or for an instant risking their lives to capture any of these creatures. Even some other driver without any prudence miles from your vehicle. ‘Pokémon Go’ was a game that allowed you to enter the Pokémon world, something that many have wanted throughout their lives.

Like all fashions, that of ‘Pokémon Go’ ended, and only the most loyal players remain (although the updates greatly improved the game). Niantic, the creative company, was not going to sit idly by, and confirmed a year and a half ago that he was going to develop a game with the same original idea, but in the world of Harry Potter.

The world premiere of Wizards Unite will be on Friday, June 21 , although the application was already active in some areas of the world. This delay is due to the fact that Niantic does not want to repeat previous server collapses that could hinder the progress of the game and spoil the user experience. They will begin in the United States and Great Britain and then expand their coverage to reach the entire planet, including Spain (date is still unknown). However, although we will not be able to test the game, we already know many details of its operation. Will it manage to overcome the 23 billion steps that ‘Pokémon Go’ achieved?

A more interesting story …

The mechanics of the game will be relatively more complex. Even if you are in the Harry Potter universe , you will not only find references to JK Rowling’s books; also some of Fantastic Animals appear . The initial idea is that the magical world is beginning to be noticed for the Muggle population and your job is to help keep it secret. To do this, you must return the incontratus (any creature or magical device that is visible to the ‘non-magicians’) to its original state. It is not a game intended to be used individually, on the contrary, it is sought that there is much cooperation among the participants.

… but with many similarities

Your character is losing energy with the passage of time and the adventures he lives, so he must regain strength in these points that are scattered all over the world. On the street, you can find ingredients for the realization of potions, creatures, and the aforementioned incontratus. Events will be set up for players to go, alone or in a group, to fight, something like raids.

The red, blue and yellow Pokémon Go teams are replaced by professions. At the beginning of the game you can choose between being an Auror, teacher and magizoologist. Each of them has its own special characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and a different skill tree. Spells are also learned as you progress through the game. In fact, its use is not so simple; appears on the screen what is known as the weak point of the opponent. A circle that moves (faster or slower depending on the difficulty of the opponent), and that you must press to inflict the greatest possible damage on your opponent. Then, you must faithfully copy the outline of the spell, and you will launch your attack.

You need a powerful mobile

It is a game that, as seen, requires using a mobile with enough capacity, because it continuously uses augmented reality . Yes, that in ‘Pokémon Go’ nobody used. It requires the camera at all times and the quality of the image seems quite high so if you have a low power or old enough device, it is normal to take a long time to charge and consume the battery quickly.

Just wait to know if Niantic will repeat the success of three years ago, and mobiles around the world will become wands for a while or if it will be a less welcome game. Of course, the expectation is the same , so if it works well and the mechanics engage, it is very likely that the evening walks of summer that are not about the desire to walk, or to hunt Pokémon as before, but for neutralize incontratus, visit taverns and learn new magic spells to become the best magician of our time.