The Xbox One without a disc player will arrive next May 7

After a November report on Microsoft’s plans for Xbox One S option no disc drive, new reports suggest that the new hardware will arrive on May 7 and will sell for 229 euros in Europe.

Brad Sams, of, who has been reliable in the rumors of hardware related to Microsoft in the past, pointed this weekend to the reports of the German site WinFuture that “confirm everything I have reported so far”. That report includes alleged photos of the “All Digital Edition” of the Xbox One S and its European packaging. The hardware shown there is identical to that of the existing Xbox One S, up to the size saving due to the lack of a slot for the disk drive on the front panel.

The packaging of the 1TB system includes Minecraft, Sea of ​​Thieves and Forza Horizon 3 logos. It is not clear if those games will be included with the hardware or simply as part of a possible subscription to the Xbox GamePass.

Sims also reiterated his report on an exchange program in which Microsoft is planning for disk-based Xbox titles, code-named Odessa, which would give customers “the ability to take disk-based games and exchange them for a token to download the digital version of the game. ” Such a program would be necessary to maintain compatibility with many original Xbox and Xbox 360 discs that players may have purchased before they were available as digital downloads.

How cheap?

The reported price of 17884 Rs would correspond to a price slightly higher than 250 dollars in the United States, at the current exchange rates. However, European prices routinely include value-added taxes and other fees that do not correspond in the United States. European retailers such as GameStop currently charge € 299.99 that is 23428 Rs for a 1TB Xbox One S with one set included (Amazon Germany currently offers a similar Forza Horizon 4 package for € 199 that is around 15541 Rs ).

In the US, the Xbox One S, which already exists and transports disks, is sold technically for a price of $ 299 in MSRP with a game included. In practice, however, system/game packages are currently sold for $ 249 or less in each of the major retailers, including Microsoft’s own stores.

An Xbox One option without a disk could be an attractive option for a large number of players who have already moved away from disk-based console games. But for that configuration to work, the new hardware has to be significantly cheaper than the most capable drive version. We are anxious to see if Microsoft can offer that adds value as long as the Xbox One S without a disk reader is officially announced.